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Ike Photo Album

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2008-09-20 22:41:46.0
Andrew tries to take over the Network Team.
2008-09-20 22:43:31.0
Look at the waves compared to Andrew, this is only at 10am the day before, can you imagine at the height?
Washed Away
2008-09-20 22:45:36.0
One of the first businesses on the seawall side of the island to be washed away, again this is more than 12 hours before landfall.
Debris from the building
2008-09-21 13:48:29.0
This is part of that building coming ashore.
Seawall Under Siege
2008-09-20 22:47:51.0
Our favorite picture taken by Andrew's co-worker of their strolldown Seawall. This captures the moment.
2008-09-20 22:49:47.0
Our frontyard 6 hours after landfall, fortunately it drained quickly.
2008-09-20 22:53:49.0
The backyard was a lake with a stream running to the river/bayou drainage behind us. It is hard to make out but the bayou that drains the area was running so fast the quantity of water was stunning.
Boats Ahoy
2008-09-20 22:59:23.0
Not an unusual sight all over the area, boats are littered on land and even blocked the interstate.
Seawall Afterward
2008-09-20 23:01:28.0
This is part of Seawall 3 days after the storm, it has been cleaned up considerably.
More Boats
2008-09-20 23:03:02.0
I-45 North
2008-09-20 23:05:11.0
This is the 6 lane interstate heading on/off Galveston after the road had been cleared.
UTMB Parking Ramp
2008-09-20 23:06:46.0
A parking ramp days after the storm was over.