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TX Photo Album

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Finished Waterfall
2007-01-02 14:34:47.0
It was a constant struggle to keep this looking good but it was certainly worth it when we got the pond chemistry just right.
Design Details
2007-02-18 18:33:46.0
Jake helps with the design details of the new backyard. I am trying to figure out if things are going according to the blueprints.
Dogs Love it Too
2007-01-02 14:36:03.0
We know Freya really wanted to go for a swim...
The Other Woman
2007-01-02 14:41:00.0
His new gal...I was starting to get jealous.
A Day at the Beach
2007-01-04 19:46:39.0
Believe it or not this a a sunny day in January at a beach in Galveston. Freya most likely brought the toy in which Jake promptly stole when she got to the shallows. Bear being more sensible stayed by the humans because MAN was the water COLD.