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Looking Forward to the Holidays - 12/17/2012
So, it's been like 4 years since I posted here and I was like, "hmmm...Dad has been maintaining this site for me all this time without a single post, which is kinda lame on my part." So, I am officially blogging our excitement to have the family here for the holidays. I can tell already that the house will not be perfect and that space will be a bit crowded, but the company will make up for it! Can't wait to see Mom and Grandpa Friday and Dad Sunday. Thanks for coming down : )
With Yule over Tri4 looms ahead - 12/28/2008
Well, we survived Christmas and have had a relaxing break with only the occasional interruption from work. I managed to lose my camera at the RenFest this year so I don't have any fresh pics to share except for my end of Tri3 pic that shows the state of our class now. We have lost a few and as I look forward to the next tri, where we will be undertaking 27+ credit hours/trimester, I wonder how we will all have fared this time next year. Tri4 starts January 6 and I am starting to get that anxious feeling again that the whirlwind will start anew soon. For now though I am clinging to my last few precious days of freedom, taking care of as many chores as I can and trying to ignore tomorrow.
Ike - 09/20/2008
Wow, what a week. Hard to believe just 8 days ago the lights went out and the wind started really kicking up. Andrew was part of the UTMB essential personnel and so had to man the hospital during the storm. Meanwhile the pups and I weathered the storm at home. Having to leave me behind was really hard on Andrew, but we both know his work is very important and that I am good in a crisis. Andrew worked non-stop since the Galveston evacuation started Thursday (they finally let him come home at night Tuesday) and will be working hard for months to come helping rebuild the hospital. We got our power back Tuesday night, so we were very fortunate in that we were only without for 4 days. We were even more blessed that our house was intouched by the storm, the only one on our street in fact! One of the great things to come out of this is getting to know our neighbors. Communities really came together when the power went out, everyone going to all their neighbors, making sure they were okay and asking if they needed anything. Many brought food and water to each other without even asking and helped clear each other's yards. Blessings in disguise! I had 6 days off from school and will be starting back Monday. I am not sure how we are going to make up the time, I shiver to consider how our already condensed program can become even more condensed. Andrew is exhausted but hanging in there and has had his start date at UTMB moved up to Monday because he is so urgently needed to help bring up the hospital (he was supposed to have a week off next week). Look at the new album I am putting up for great pictures of the storm and aftermath. Thanks to everyone for their support and concern, it is very much appreciated and helped sustain us during these long days!
Omega Psi - 09/08/2008
It was a proud night as I was awarded entry into the Omega Psi Honor Society. This award is for achieving a minimum 3.5 GPA over 2 consecutive trimesters. I now can wear a shiny pin, and as our president admonished, let it serve as further motivation to do even better in the trimesters to come. One of our professors always admonishes us to transition from student thinking to doctor thinking. A student only cares about studying enough for the next test, a doctor wants to learn as much as they can to be the most informed healer possible. Certainly it is a standard to be held accountable for in the future and I hope to be up to the challenge.
Litha Blessings - 06/27/2008
Six of us got together to venerate another turning of the celestial year where nature has reached its peak and the natural world is in total manifestation. A couple hours afterward the sky turned dark and we received a much needed downpour and were blessed with a beautiful double-rainbow.
Double Trouble - 04/22/2008
This is a bit behind the times, but after we took Tara's litter to the Humane Society one of the workers at the track who had kept one of the pups decided that he didn't want her so he dropped her back off there. Needless to say it didn't take long until she showed up at our back door. Tara loves her sister so much we just didn't have the heart to split them up so we kept her as well. We named her Darcy and she is 30 lbs of sheer mischief. If one of the two is going to get into trouble it will be Darcy. There are days ANdrew and I look at each other and say "What were we thinking?" but to see them together we know that we made the right decision.
New Arrival - 02/25/2008
A stray momma dog brought her pups around the house last week. We found homes fo two but when we took the rest to the Humane Society we just could not let one of them go. Andrew has named her Tara, after the hill of kings in Ireland.
Week Five - Still Alive - 02/08/2008
I finished the first set of midterms this week and all I can say is that I made it out alive (although I am completely frazzled and exhausted). A general rule seems to be that I have at least a couple exams/quizes weekly, often there are more than that. I just need to keep up and stay positive - 9 more weeks to go!
Imbolc Camping Trip - 02/03/2008
Andrew spent the weekend observing the Imbolc holiday with a camping trip. He drove 3 hours to a beautiful camp ground near Austin where he had the opportunity to meet several fascinating members of the ADF. He is already making plans for the Beltane sabbat at the end of April.
And so it begins... - 01/08/2008
Survived day 1 of chiropractic school and it looks like it will be a grueling next 3.5 years. Day 1 I was expected to learn the entire skeleton starting at the occipital all the way to the distal phalanges with all the processes and articulations in-between. I am already behind and it is only the first day. Ug!