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Holidays Are Over - 01/04/2008
Sadly the holidays have come and gone. I say sadly because they were so wonderful it is a melancholy time now that they are over. Andrew had 12 days off around Christmas and we had a lovely time just hanging around the house working on various projects and playing with new toys. We met some of the neighbors at fun holiday celebrations, a bonfire Christmas night and a small gathering at another's New Year's Eve - both featured fireworks. Jake hurt himself Christmas Day and has yet to recover, plus he decided Christmas night when a firework went off too close that he does not care for fireworks. Hopefully when he is forced to rest while I am at class he will finally heal. I know I can speak for both of us when I say we are both deeply grateful for a year that held many blessings, experiences and opportunities for growth. We look forward to a bright year ahead.
Solstice Moon - 12/23/2007
Sunday night marked a very unique cosmological event that we will not see again in our lifetimes. Mars, Earth, the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Galactic Centre were in conjunction; it becomes even more remarkable in that it was accompanied by the Full Moon (conjunct Mars) and that the Pluto/Sun conjunction appeared exactly on the Winter Solstice, just past conjunction with the Galactic Centre.
Accepted! - 12/13/2007
I just received my acceptance letter to attend chiropractic college spring trimester 08. After much deliberation, soul searching and excellent advice I have decided to give it a go! Good-bye social life for the next 4 years... Check out my school at
Dawn's First Demonstration - 11/23/2007
After years of swearing to do it I finally participated in my first protest. It was freezing cold by Texas standards but I was well equiped with winter gear as a proper Minnesotan. It was peaceful with more positive remarks than negative from the passersby. We protested the approach to Neiman Marcus at the Galleria in Houston for their support of inhumane fur trade - especially from China where they practice live skinning with no incapacitation of the poor animal involved, quite often a dog. Hopefully we influenced some people's thoughts on the subject.
Ren Fest 2007 - 11/21/2007
This is 3 weeks after the fact, but we had a great time at the Houston Renaissance Festival this year! We went fo the Halloween weekend (they have different themes each weekend). They have large grounds set in the middle of a forested area of N Houston with a sprawling mock village. We attended the Merchant Prince's Wine Tasting and had a blast with Marsala Di Vino and Haley Welsh Wine. Andrew managed to only spill ale on my costume three times but thanks to the wonders of dry cleaning my dress is salvaged (the dry cleaner was rather amazed that there was beer on almost every portion of it). We definately will be going next year but probably to the Highland Fling or Oktoberfest (Andrew wants a season pass). For more info go here:
Autumn in Alvin - 10/09/2007
Autumn in Alvin looks like about every other time in Alvin, it is lush, green, mid-80s with scattered thunderstorms. Pretty much what it was like all summer except 10 degrees cooler. I found the nastiest looking grubs in my flowerbed yesterday, 6" monsters as big around as your thumb - I guess everything is bigger in Texas afterall!
Would you like some cake with your spyware? - 03/10/2007
Started a new job Thursday doing tech support for The Cheesecake Factory. Great company, great pay, now if only I could afford to live in California...
Another Day in Paradise - 02/13/2007
Can't get over how beautiful the weather has been here lately. It's been in the 70s and sunny with the occasional rain shower to make things interesting. The clouds are so amazing when they come in over the mountains - I will try to get a picture of it soon!
Open House - 02/03/2007
I have been considering chiropractic school the last couple years. This Saturday the one nearby had an open house that I attended. It was interesting and educational but I have not made up my mind yet... -Dawn
Collision at the Dog Park - 01/14/2007
Friday, at our latest foray to the dog park, I suffered a dog frolicking related injury - one of the young dogs bolted right into my knee. Not quite sure what is wrong with it, so will be taking it easy for a few days until I can get into the doctor.